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Research Consultancy Services

Blue Gate Initiative is well known research Organisation in Nigeria. Our aim is to use research to shed light on the influence of the determinants of health, i.e. factors (genetic, environmental, social, etc.). We use this evidence-based knowledge to propose interventions and policies, to help improve health and well-being, and reduce health inequalities in Nigeria.

Why Us?

We are team of public health specialists that support individuals, community-based agencies, non-profit organizations, public health units, and health institutes to deliver the most effective programmes and services possible. We specialize in community services, programme development, research, stakeholder consultations, evaluation, and training programmes specific to public health. Our team members have extensive professional qualifications and combine years of experience with specialized training in health promotion, population health and right to health. Our team engages in ongoing professional development to ensure that we deliver community services and programmes based on the most current, innovative and evidence-based information. We exceed community expectations by developing and maintaining professional relationships and by listening, understanding, and responding to their needs. We form strong partnerships and community engagements in all our community services. We also run a research Academy where we build capacity of young investigators.

Our Capabilities

Proposal and program development

We provide a variety of programme development services. These include

  • Grant proposal writing
  • Assessment of individual and community health needs
  • Policy development
  • Research planning and implementation
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Plan, coordinate and implement health promotion programmes
  • Advocate for health-related issues

Program Monitoring and evaluation

We can support your organization to undertake programme evaluation including:

  • Monitoring of health programs
  • Indicators' development
  • Development of instruments for data collection
  • Data entry/transcription, analysis & interpretation
  • Development of actionable recommendations

Programme Dissemination

  • Develop social marketing and mass media campaigns
  • Develop audio, visual, print and electronic materials
  • Write scholarly articles and publication

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