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About Us

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Blue Gate Public Health Promotion Initiative

Blue Gate Public Health Promotion Initiative (Blue-Gate Initiative) is a Non-Governmental Organization that was inaugurated in 2010 and registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in 2016. We are working with partners to find new ways of promoting the health of the public. We pioneer and advance creative, high-impact solutions.

We do this by conducting research that helps to inform and influence decision-makers; building platforms and networks that connect people and ideas; by providing direct support to local change agents; and combining these approaches to deliver meaningful and lasting results.

Why Us?

We are team of Public Health Specialists that support individuals, community-based agencies, non-profit organizations, public health units, and health institutes to deliver the most effective programs and services possible. We specialize in program development, research, stakeholder consultations, evaluation, and training programs specific to public health.
Our team members have extensive professional qualifications and combine years of experience with specialized knowledge of participatory research methods in health promotion and population health.
Our team engages in ongoing professional development to ensure that we deliver services based on the most current, innovative and evidence-based information. We exceed client expectations by developing and maintaining professional relationships and by listening, understanding, and responding to client needs.
We form strong partnerships with our clients and deliver quality and timely services as promised.

Our Programs

The goal of most current National Malaria Control Programs and most malaria activities is to reduce the number of malaria-related cases and deaths. To reduce malaria transmission to a level where it is no longer a public health problem is the goal of what we call malaria "control."
HIV prevention coverage is currently fragmented. Implementing programmes with sufficient intensity and coverage over a long enough period of time is critical to their success. Condom programmes show how where high coverage has been achieved, they have had a significant impact. In South Africa, data reveals how condom use increased with an increase in the distribution of condoms leading to a decline in new infections between 2000 and 2008.
In 2000, at the Millennium Summit held in New York, World Leaders pledged to reduce child mortality and improve maternal health among other Goals (Millennium Development Goals) to ensure human development by the year 2015. Since the millennium declaration, Nigeria and many other countries are not on track to attaining the targets for reducing child mortality and improving maternal health.
Blue Gate Initiative transforms the lives of orphans and vulnerable children affected by the AIDS pandemic in Nigeria by partnering with grassroots organizations to design and implement innovative economic development programs that enable families and communities to become self-sufficient.

Our Competencies

Advocacy for health and health related issues
Assessment of individual and community health needs
Planning, coordination and implementation of health promotion programs
Management of health promotion and education programs
Monitoring and evaluation of health programs
Research proposal and grant writing
Data collection and analysis
Training and consultation services
Research planning and implementation
Writing of scholarly articles

Blue Gate Initiative Executives

We are team of public health specialists that support individuals, community-based agencies, non-profit organizations, public health units, and health institutes to deliver the most effective programs and services possible.

Dr. Ademola ADELEKAN

President/CEO ademola.adelekan@bluegateinitiative.org

Dr. Atinuke AGUNLOYE

Director, Medical Outreach and Community Services atinuke.agunloye@bluegateinitiative.org

Mrs Funmilola OYELAMI

Director, Community Engagement & Mobilization funmilola.oyelami@bluegateinitiative.org

Mr. Oladipupo OLALEYE

Director, Research, Monitoring & Evaluation oladipupo.olaleye@bluegateinitiative.org

Miss Boluwatife AKINTUNDE

Director, Human Resources & Administration boluwatife.akintunde@bluegateinitiative.org

Mrs Philomena OSAGIE

Director, Consultancy Services philomena.osagie@bluegateinitiative.org

Miss Tunrayo ADETONA

Director of Finance tunrayo.adetona@bluegateinitiative.org

Mrs Opeyemi OLADUNNI

Director of Training Services opeyemi.oladunni@bluegateinitiative.org

Mr. Adekunle FAKUNLE

Director of Environmental Health Services adekunle.fakunle@bluegateinitiative.org