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About Us

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Blue Gate Public Health Promotion Initiative

We are working with partners to find new ways of promoting the health of the public. We pioneer and advance creative, high-impact solutions. We do this by conducting research that helps to inform and influence decision-makers; building platforms and networks that connect people and ideas; by providing direct support to local change agents; and combining these approaches to deliver meaningful and lasting results.

We also contribute to public health by improving the health outcomes in Nigeria by ensuring that the policies reflect the realities in our communities especially at the grassroots.

We champion the health of all people and communities by strengthen the public health profession with ability influence policies to improve the public's health.


Our health promotion and community services programmes educate people on disease prevention to keep people healthy. We do this by engaging and empowering individuals and communities to choose healthy behaviors, and make changes that reduce their risk of developing chronic diseases and other morbidities...

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Blue Gate Initiative is well known research Organisation in Nigeria. Our aim is to use research to shed light on the influence of the determinants of health, i.e. factors (genetic, environmental, social, etc.). We use this evidence-based knowledge to propose interventions and policie...

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Environmental health is the branch of public health that is concerned with all aspects of the natural and built environment that may affect human health. Humans interact with the environment constantly. These interactions affect quality of life, years of healthy life lived, and health disparities. Our environmental health services consist of preventing or controlling disease...

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Our Competencies

Blue Gate Initiative through partnership with other national and international organizations provides public health services, capacity building and empowerment for women, adolescents, key and vulnerable populations which include but not limited to LGBT, female sex workers, inmates and ex-inmates and people with disabilities. We also provide psychosocial support, medical and legal services for LGBT, rape survivors and human right defenders. We work with policy makers in developing evidence-based health promoting policy and adequate resource allocation for implementation including increasing oversight functions of the legislators to health facilities and communities.

Blue Gate Initiative has a culturally accepted empowerment model which in most occasions use for our programme implementation. The model has three components which are [1] Vocational training & empowerment, [2] Literacy and numeric education [3] Psychosocial Counseling & Mentoring. This model has been used many times among LGBT, female sex workers and currently being used for ex-inmates in Ibadan, Nigeria.

Blue Gate Initiative Executives

Dr. Ademola ADELEKAN

CEO ademola.adelekan@bluegateinitiative.org

Professor (Mrs.) Atinuke Agunloye

Director, Medical Outreach and Community Services atinuke.agunloye@bluegateinitiative.org

Mrs Funmilola OYELAMI

Director, Community Engagement & Mobilization funmilola.oyelami@bluegateinitiative.org

Mr. Oladipupo OLALEYE

Director, Research, Monitoring & Evaluation oladipupo.olaleye@bluegateinitiative.org

Miss Boluwatife AKINTUNDE

Director, Human Resources & Administration boluwatife.akintunde@bluegateinitiative.org

Mrs Philomena OSAGIE

Director, Consultancy Services philomena.osagie@bluegateinitiative.org

Miss Tunrayo ADETONA

Director of Finance tunrayo.adetona@bluegateinitiative.org

Mrs Opeyemi OLADUNNI

Director of Training Services opeyemi.oladunni@bluegateinitiative.org

Mr. Adekunle FAKUNLE

Director of Environmental Health Services adekunle.fakunle@bluegateinitiative.org